Sicily, Italy


The Landscape Hotel on the Cliff of Murro di Porco:

This proposal aims to unite the lighthouse and surrounding buildings by integrating new accommodation facilities in and around the existing structures, with minimal physical impact to the landscape they calmly sit in. Instead of further isolating the lighthouse buildings from new areas of hospitality, these buildings and their most adjacent areas will become key environments of the landscape hotel. Reusing these facilities will ensure their preservation and legacy.

In response to the exposed and harsh landscape, new volumes reminiscent of shading structures around the Mediterranean coast are proposed as modular and lightweight infilled frame structures that enable fully covered, shaded and open spaces. Raised off the ground on stilts, these structures are placed between the existing buildings and extend further towards the sea, descending as they approach the coastline responding to topography, renovated buildings, overall height restriction, solar path and vistas.

Overhangs, operable panels, screens and vegetation are integrated to the new structures in order to create comfortable environments without the need of mechanical cooling systems. Taking advantage of the location, energy gained from solar panels located on roof surfaces will be used to generate hot water and electricity.

Day time experience of the landscape hotel will always be in conjunction with natural light reflecting off the rocky cliff and filtering into the spaces. At night time, the structures will gently illuminate and compliment the lighthouse.